Media Room

David’s Bio

Pastors often use this piece in an article or as an introduction before David speaks.

Trifold Pamphlet

David's printed testimony – This pamphlet should coincide with the bulletin insert. We suggest you place the pamphlets in your bulletin 2-4 weeks before David’s meeting.

Bulletin Insert

This insert can be customized with the time and location of your meeting. We suggest you place the insert in your bulletin 1-2 weeks before the actual meeting. If you’re doing a One Night Rally and more than one church is involved, make sure enough bulletin inserts are ordered to facilitate all churches.


Use these for mailing or to keep handy in your shirt pocket or purse to give to people you meet. Also, check with local business owners about leaving some in a highly visible spot near the cash register. There is enough room at the bottom of each postcard to place a preprinted label with date, place, time and contact information. These work best printed on light-weight card stock or heavier weight paper, and you will note that there is a very faint line to guide you in cutting the postcards.

Newspaper Ads

Use these editable PDFs for advertising in newspapers, bulletins, or flyers.

3x5 Ads

5x3 Ads


You will want to distribute these throughout churches, schools, libraries, community billboards, parks, and offices – anywhere that they will get attention.


Print (300 dpi)

  • Color: 1 2
  • Black & White: 1 2

Web (72 dpi)

  • Color: 1 2
  • Black & White: 1 2

David Ministering

Print (300 dpi)

Web (72 dpi)

Other Photographs

Print (300 dpi)

Web (72 dpi)

Sample News Releases

These pieces are essential to do newspaper articles or advertisements to promote your service. In the past, news print and radio have been our strongest media targets to reach entire communities.


Promotional Video (Password Protected)


I Am Second Video

Promotional Suggestions

Check out opportunities in addition to the paid radio and newspaper ads that you will want to use. Most cost little or nothing, but can be effective in helping you to have a great crowd at your One Night Rally.

  • Contact your local Christian bookstores a few weeks before David’s visit. They are usually very happy to have your One Night Rally fliers to hand out with sales or to place on the counter two weeks prior to the service.
  • Radio and television: Although we have found that there is no comparison to paid radio advertising; you may want to check on the availability of public service announcements. Both radio and television stations are required to provide public service announcements for non-profit agencies (this includes church events). Our 30-second radio spot is great for a radio PSA. You may want to hand deliver this to the production person on staff.
  • Contact your local Christian radio station to see if they would be interested in airing an interview with David. David is happy to work with the station to set up a time for an interview prior to your rally.
  • Newspapers: only will the newspaper announce your rally, the religion editor may be happy to run an article about David and his upcoming rally at your church. David can often be interviewed by phone by the writer if they would prefer this.
  • Does your church have marquee signage? This is a great place to advertise. What about the laymen of your church who are business owners - do they have marquees and would they consider advertising?
  • Businesses: whether you have layman business owners in your church who may do a great deal of advertising for their business. These individuals may have significant influence with radio and TV stations. This could affect not only the willingness to air free announcements but possibly the rate you receive for paid advertisements.
  • Some churches have found it effective to do neighborhood canvassing/visitation with fliers or “door hangers” one to two weeks before the rally. This is a great way to involve your church family in preparation for the rally. You might want to assign your seniors group or teen group to distribute posters around town.
  • If radio/TV stations or local business owners are particularly helpful to you in promoting your rally, we would be happy to send a thank you from David Ring Ministries to those companies or individuals if you will provide names and addresses.
  • Once you have set a time for your One Night Rally to begin, prepare all of your advertising with a “doors open” time and a “starts at” time. This creates anticipation and will help build attendance.