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"In the nearly 40 years I've known David Ring, I've been blessed by the power of his message of hope and the resilience he has demonstrated as he has faced challenges that are far beyond those of most people. David Ring challenges and inspires like no other person I know. He is a living, walking example that a pure love for Jesus doesn't mean life will be easy, but that it will be fueled with overcoming joy. David could have easily spent his life complaining and demanding, but he has instead shown all of us that inner joy is a force far greater than outward dexterity. I love David Ring—I love being around him. I love hearing him. I love his brilliant sense of humor. And I love being reminded that God is mighty in the lives of those who surrender their strengths and their weaknesses to Him."

Mike Huckabee

Former Governor of Arkansas

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"David Ring is one of the most motivating speakers in America today. I have heard him speak numerous times, heard his story numerous times, and every time I have laughed, cried, and been inspired. When David spoke to my team they were lifted to a higher calling and haven’t come down since. This guy is the real deal!”

Dave Ramsey

Author and Radio Talk Show Host

Brentwood, TN

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"For years David Ring has been one of Cornerstone Churches favorite evangelist. His message is clear. His anointing is pure. His purpose is to bring the lost to Christ!“

John Hagee

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

San Antonio, TX

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"Evangelist David Ring recently came to Idlewild, and while we had David speak years ago, his story is still as fresh as it was 20 years ago. Many had never heard David or heard God’s story in his life. It's a redeeming story that not only includes his own personal faith, but now a story of his family's faith as well. If you've never had David, or it's been years, have him again. It's God’s story of Grace & Glory."

Ken Whitten

Senior Pastor, Idlewild Baptist Church

jonathan falwell_edited.jpg

"I've known David Ring for over 25 years and I continue to be inspired by his testimony, his service and his impact. There is no doubt of God's hand upon David during these many years of ministry. I have personally seen the eternal impact he has made on so many lives. I know that David will continue to be used by God in thousands of churches in the days to come...make sure your church is one of them."

Jonathan Falwell

Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church

Lynchburg, VA

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"David Ring is one of God’s mighty evangelists. We have had David many times in the past with wonderful results. He is coming back in the future and I would encourage churches everywhere to have him. When David Ring preaches the Gospel of Christ souls are saved and Christians are revived."

Dr. Herb Reavis, Jr.

Senior Pastor, North Jacksonville Baptist Church

Jacksonville, FL 32218

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"Every time I hear David speak I’m more then moved – I’m in the presence of God. His story is an amazing testimony of what God does when we make ourselves available. David’s story removes any, and all, excuses that people attempt to use to why God couldn’t use them. He can. It’s not over until God says it’s over.”

Keith Loy

Senior Pastor, Celebrate Community Church

Sioux Falls, SD

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"No one should miss the opportunity to hear David Ring. In spite of challenges, defeats and heartaches, David has a joy in the Lord that is contagious. His story will cause you to look at your own circumstances in a new light and with new hope. Weeping may have endured through the night, but David's joy has come in the morning.”

Dr. David Jeremiah

Shadow Mountain Community Church

El Cajon, CA

jim cymbala_edited.jpg

"David Ring is one of my favorite guest speakers at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. His eagerness for Christ and tenderness of heart make him a powerful voice for the gospel. We thank God for the ministry of David Ring”

Jim Cymbala

Pastor, The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Brooklyn, NY

jerry prevo_edited.jpg

"David Ring has been at Anchorage Bible Temple many times and continues to motivate our members to be more involved in church and the unsaved to get saved. I highly recommend him because he is effective and always willing to work with the pastor in planning what the pastor thinks is best for the church service.

Jerry Prevo

Anchorage Baptist Temple


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"David Ring is an outstanding communicator of the gospel. Each time he's spoken at our church many were visibly moved. He will have the congregation laughing and crying, praising and praying, and glorifying God. I highly recommend the ministry of David Ring.”

Tommy Barnett

Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly

Phoenix, AZ

late jerry falwell_edited.jpg

"David Ring is one of America's most powerful evangelists. His messages stir the soul and move the heart. God uses him greatly every time he speaks at Thomas Road Baptist Church or Liberty University. You can't hear him and ever be the same.”

The Late Jerry Falwell

Founder/Chancellor, Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA

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